MetaX (Meta Tags Extended)

MetaX (Meta Tags Extended) is an Extra for MODX Evolution and Revolution. It is an automated & simple snippet designed to generate the HTML base, meta and a couple links tags to make sure that your site has all the elements it needs.

The current documentation is here and I will…

Zenfolio Photo Gallery

The problem any photographer faces be it amateur or professional is what to do with all their photos. We take them with the intent of sharing them with others, but how do we accomplish this goal? The answer is typically to put them on a website. It sounds simple, but if you have tried, the question now becomes how do we accomplish this task without learning a ton about websites or spending boat…

Gzip Support for .ttf Files

If you use @font-face (like I do) to enable cool custom fonts on your website, please read this article. I love @font-face to more effectively choose nice fonts for my website, but I never liked the 200-400 KB .ttf files that the user had to download in order to view the fonts. I did a little research and realized that I could simply add these heavy files to the Gzip process in my .Htaccess file…


RandomChunk is a MODX snippet that provides a simple and efficient way to randomly generate one chunk from a list of chunks. The snippet only takes one parameter which is equal to a comma delineated list of chunk names. An example call is below.

Web Hosting

My two cents on where you should host your website.

Enabling Gzip in .Htaccess

Can't remember where I learned this but it is fairly common and works wonders. In case you have not heard of it in the past, Gzip is a server process that essentially compresses your files on the fly before transmission to the user. It is primarily used to compress text files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with impressive results. Take the 90KB Mootools framework for example, Gzip reduces it…

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