The problem any photographer faces be it amateur or professional is what to do with all their photos. We take them with the intent of sharing them with others, but how do we accomplish this goal? The answer is typically to put them on a website. It sounds simple, but if you have tried, the question now becomes how do we accomplish this task without learning a ton about websites or spending boat loads of money to hire someone else? The answer is Zenfolio, a company dedicated to providing us photographers with the total solution for sharing our images with others.

Zenfolio offers three different levels of subscription depending on what your goals are. The Basic package is designed for when you just start out as a photographer and only have a few pictures that you would like to share. As your collection grows, you can move up to the Unlimited package which gives you an unlimited amount of space, online ordering, and more control over your gallery. Now if you are looking to sell your photos and actually make a few bucks, then you want the Premium package which enables you to remove all the Zenfolio branding (which isn't bad by default), markup the order pricing, and even watermark your photos! Yes, this truly is one stop shopping with all order processing and printing handled by MPIX Labs, a division of Miller Labs one of the oldest printers in business.

As if that wasn't enough, the entire service, regardless of package, is wrapped up with a great web interface to manage all those photos. The web uploader works great so that you can upload your full sized images and use Zenfolio as a backup service in addition to a gallery. Yes, it really is a great service and if you take pictures, then I highly recommend you give it a try, they offer a free 14 day trial so you can check it out before buying.


  • Zenfolio sub-domain name (
  • Has an amazing web interface that allows you to do almost anything.
  • Great Photo Backup Solution.
  • Hidden and Password protected Albums.
  • 4GB Limit increases by 2GB annually (Basic account only).
  • Unlimited Storage (Above Basic account).
  • Amazing Lab Pricing
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment.
  • Custom Domain Name (Above Basic account only).
  • No Branding (Premium account only).
  • Automatic Watermarks (Above Unlimited account only).
  • Can Charge a Markup on Lab Prices to Make a Profit (Above Unlimited account only).


  • Limited Storage Space on Basic Account.
  • Automatic Watermarks Require the Premium Account.
  • Basic and Unlimited Accounts have branding (minimal, but present).

10% Discount

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If you haven't figured it out from what I have said already, my recommendation is that it is definently worth every penny!